Direct to Voicemail Marketing

What are the Best Uses for Direct Voicemail Drops?

This is one of our favorite questions “What are the best uses for Direct Voicemail Drops?” This technology is best suited for companies and organizations including hospitals, churches and schools to impart non-emergency crucial information to an individual without disturbing them with an annoying phone call. Direct Voicemail technology has been used by companies to contact their customers and in situations where Direct Voicemail Drops are being used as a solicitation, Information Pool requires users of this technology to scrub lists against the Do Not Call list to avoid interrupting someone who does not wish to receive these types of communications. To be honest, the uses are absolutely endless – anytime you need to contact anyone for any reason this technology could be useful. Keep in mind Information Pool has zero tolerance for any spam based messaging using our products.

Are Direct Voicemail Drops Effective?

Yes, Direct Voicemail Drops are extremely effective and when used responsibly is a non-intrusive, responsible alternative to other forms of messaging. We will go a step further and say there is no communication method that is more effective than Direct Voicemail Drops. This incredibly powerful tool can be used in such a way that it delivers your exact communication to your client without disturbing them. If your goal is to get an individual to call you back, this will 100% fulfill that goal. We have never had a disappointed client use our technology. I recommend you use Direct Voicemail Drops just one time and try it for yourself because talk is cheap. We hope this answers your question “Are Direct Voicemail Drops effective?” Information Pool’s team is always standing by to answer your questions and to go more in depth.

Why use Information Pool’s Direct Voicemail Drops?

Firstly, Direct Voicemail Drops were invented many years ago for the pure and simple reason that people wanted an alternative messaging platform where they can contact their clients without disturbing them. Direct Voicemail Drops allow you to impart any information to any person in a responsible and safe manner. Instead of ringing someone’s line off the hook, you can simply insert a voicemail. Here are a few reasons why you should use Direct Voicemail Drops:

– They’re a non-intrusive form of messaging where the recipient can listen to the message at their convenience.
– They can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes.
– They can increase your response rate by 80%.
– They have a built-in suite of compliance-based tools.
– They include an extensive list of amazing features.
– They are available for both mobile and landlines.
– They do not disturb the recipient.
– They do not result in a charge to the recipient.
– They result in a large call back rate.
– They are a responsible form of communication.


How to Leave the Most Effective Voicemail Message?

Finally we get to the good stuff. When leaving a Direct Voicemail Drop, think of it as no different than leaving a voicemail. Be casual, upfront and honest. Always clearly identify who you are and what you’re calling about and leave a phone number for them to call you back on. Do not leave a message that sounds spammy or with marketing tricks or lingo. Just keep it casual, be real and you will have the most success with your voicemail campaign, PROMISE. To summarize, the way to leave the most effective voice message is to be 100% real, do not impart more than one piece of information – I can’t tell you enough to keep it simple. We hope this helps answer your question “How do I leave the most effective voicemail message?” You can also visit our blog for a recent article posted or contact a member of our team today.